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"During my first treatment I had relief and this was in January and February. I had about 8 treatments and I am pain free. I can open my mouth 3 fingers. I’m impressed. I’m sold. Chris and Ky made a big difference."...

Joanna -TMJ Syndrome-

OCA Wellness Program

For businesses that take care in their employees

Oakland Community AcupunctureOakland Community Acupuncture is an Oakland- based acupuncture clinic whose goal is to help members of the business community by increasing their creativity and productivity by decreasing absenteeism, presenteeism, worker's compensation claims, disability claims, and turnover rate. We help companies achieve compliance with the new Health Care legislation: setting wellness standards and saving 20% - 40% on health care costs.

We Provide:

Health Screenings

  • Individual Treatment Plan
  • Eastern Medicine Diagnosis
  • Body Composition Screening

Whole Wellness Education

  • On-site classes
  • Relevant Health topics
  • Common workplace injuries & diseases

Exercise Training

  • Qi Gong
  • Site-specific regimen
  • Comprehensive Stretching