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"it is four months after surgery now and my retinal specialist said that I was healing well ahead of the curve, and that my retina is doing phenomenal because of the acupuncture I am receiving here at OCA."

Damara - Retinal Detachment

About Our Clinic

imgAt OCA, we have been very successful in treating people with many different conditions because of the unique styles of acupuncture we practice: Japanese Acupuncture and The Balance Method. Derived from the I Jing and the Nei Jing—two of the oldest Chinese classical texts dating back 3,000 years —both treatment styles seek to harmonize the body´s vascular system (vessels, blood, and oxygen) with the nervous and organ systems in order to effectively transport vital nutrients to damaged areas of the body. This is achieved by needling acu-points distal to and corresponding with the problem areas. And in addition to the acupuncture, we also utilize the other modalities of Chinese Medicine: Herbs, Moxibustion, Tui Na Massage (Orthopedic), Cupping, Gua Sha, and Nutritional Counseling.

In Japanese Acupuncture, Hara (Abdominal) Diagnosis is the primary form of evaluation used, revealing constitutional imbalances in the organ systems of the body. Hara Diagnosis is so important because most of the vital organs are located in this region, and problems (known as ‘active reflex zones’) in this region generally underlie any other symptoms a patient might have. We select distal and local acu-points that create physiological change in the active reflex zones of the Hara, while at the same time addressing the primary symptom or complaint.

Based on the strategy of balancing corresponding Meridians (nerve and vascular pathways), The Balance Method is one of the best systems available today for alleviating any Pain Condition or Sports/Orthopedic Injuries. Similar to Japanese Acupuncture, The Balance Method relies on palpation for choosing the correct points to be needled, which, when chosen carefully, bring immediate PAIN RELIEF. One of the beauties of the Balance Method is that we can treat the entire body using acu-points from the knees to the toes and the elbows to the fingers--and the patient never has to disrobe.

Low-Fee Acupuncture Clinic:

Low Income ClinicAt OCA Wellness Center we believe that a healthy community begins with healthy people. So we give back to the community by offering a low-fee acupuncture clinic for those people who earn less than $20K per year and can provide documentation to that effect.

In the low-fee clinic we offer acupuncture and herbs. We are able to do this because we treat up to four people in a single room with reclining chairs and keep intakes very brief, followed by a 30-minute treatment. The cost is on a sliding scale of $30-$50 per treatment with an initial health history consultation fee of $70.

Information For New Patients:


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